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My Bio


       Ever since I was little, I had the dream of having my own family to capture the love I had seen my father display for his wife and children. Pictures of my childhood told me a story of my life and how I got here. When looking at images of the past tears well up in my eyes. As a father of 6 children, nothing has changed. The pictures I had taken of my family made my dream come to life in seeing the love we have for one another. It helps me remember the good times and tells our story. The importance of memories is the reason why I became a photographer, to capture special moments in an artistic way.

       To help preserve important memories, I have been doing photography for over 10 years, I have attended Virginia Marti College of Art and Design and received my associate of Applied Science degree in digital media. With my qualifications, I am excited to help other families capture their heartfelt memories.

Contact me

Tel: 216-857-9986



6500 Pearl Road

Parma Heights, Ohio  44130

(suburb of Cleveland)

"Capturing todays heart felt moments for tomorrows precious memories"

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